Unipublic is a company aligned with 21st century values. The company’s cutting-edge and innovative organisation of its sporting events is always in line with environmental protection, sustainability sensibility and awareness. To this end, Unipublic relies on four pillars in order to carry out its corporate social responsibilities:


Cycling is a sport that is very closely linked to the natural environment in which it takes place. Every year, Unipublic implements and improves the means it employs in order to leave the smallest possible environmental footprint in the natural territories through which it passes. For this purpose, it creates a vast coordination network with its recycling and sustainability sponsors.

Ecovidrio, Ecopilas and Ambilamp are in charge of recycling the waste products generated by La Vuelta. Ecovidrio leads this initiative on-site by reducing the waste impact of the race with its “Green Battalions”: volunteer groups that help clean up environmentally-sensitive areas after the peloton has passed through.

Thanks to the 150 Aquaservice water dispensers, La Vuelta has reduced around 95% of the use of plastic bottles (a total of 190,000 plastic bottles less).

40,000 plastic cups weren’t used during La Vuelta thanks to KAS and the launch of the EcoCup project.

59 Škoda hybrid vehicles are part of the fleet moving La Vuelta. To this, we must add the three 100% electric Škoda Enyaq that form part of the race capsule.


A healthy sport is one that you grow up enjoying. Sports do not have a future if there are no children practicing them. This is why we have spent a decade promoting La Vuelta Junior Cofidis, an initiative that combines nutrition, road safety, healthy lifestyle habits and a lot of biking.


The bicycle is an increasingly-common element in urban landscapes and along the roads. It is a clean, healthy, sustainable and fast mode of transport that forms part of our way of life. For this reason, it is important to work towards and to ensure its safe use by carrying out educational activities regarding the presence of cyclists on the road and the rules of shared mobility between cyclists and drivers. In order to improve the reach and the awareness of this subject, Unipublic collaborates with the sponsors who are closely linked to road safety so as to promote a maximum number of awareness initiatives.

Riding into the future | La Vuelta 19


La Vuelta is a well-loved and renowned brand throughout Spanish territory. It is our duty to use this influence to help those who need it the most. With that in mind, La Vuelta has spent years collaborating with different causes: the 'Pelobus' with Mensajeros de La Paz, the Solidary Kilometre project with Carrefour destined to child nutrition, the 'Pedalón Solidario' with Cofidis that raises thousands of Euros in every edition for different solidarity causes or El Sueño de Vicky in order to raise awareness for the fight against childhood cancer are just some examples.

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